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One of the major programs of the project is “community empowerment” where the project has implemented a series of programs to build and raise the capacities of the community, including the programs of the development of handicrafts (Leather products & accessories). The program was attended by a large number of women, with nearly 100 women participating in the program.

The program has created various new products of leather handcrafts and accessories, where more than 150 new products have been created. This program also serves as a qualitative leap in the development of handicraft products to the local community in both Fayoum and Wadi El-Gemal parks.

The project has supported the members of local communities at these sites to market their products through participating in the national and international exhibitions and fairs, thus was reflected positively in increasing the income generation for the local communities in these targeted protected areas and improving their livelihood.

The project succeeded to develop new sites at Fayoum parks with required visitor facilities and tools, in addition to enchantment of natural assets at these sites which became new tourism destinations.

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QATRANI MOUNTAIN: The Project supported the enhancement of natural and cultural asset base of Qatrani Mountain at Qaroun Protected Area. This significant site is impressively rich of natural, cultural and historical assets. Therefore, it represents a unique tourism destination for national and international visitors. In turn, it helps to improve the livelihood of the local community.

QATRANI MOUNTAIN: The Project has supported the preparation and submission of a nomination file of Qatari mountain to the World Heritage Committee at UNESCO for declaring it as a natural world heritage site to be the second site in Egypt after “Wadi El-Hitan” Whale’s Valley at Fayoum.

AL-NAZLA VILLAGE: The Project has supported the new tourism site at al-Nazla village, Fayoum where the crafters are using very old techniques for developing traditional pottery. The project has also started to implement a development plan of the site to revive the heritage atmosphere of the crafter workshops.


The project succeeded to maintain and restore the most significant sites at the targeted parks in order to support the park management in conservation natural resources and to enhance the local communities livelihood as well.

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WADI RAYAN WATERFALLS: The Project restored the wadi Rayan waterfalls which considers the main attraction site at Wadi Reayan Park. The restoration of the site was done to reflect the natural landscape of the waterfall and surrounding nature.

WADI RAYAN WATERFALLS: The restoration also includes the development of all cafeterias and gift shops located at the site.

WADI RAYAN WATERFALLS: It is also including the development of interpretive signs on the natural resources of the area, segregation bins and toilets.

WADI EL-HITAN HERITAGE SITE: In Wadi Rayan Park, Wadi El Hitan (natural world heritage site) outstanding universal value is Eocene whale fossils dated back 40 million years.

WADI EL-HITAN HERITAGE SITE: The project supported the restoration of whales Skelton in the open air museum as well as maintenance of the eco-friendly museum of the fossil and climate change.

ATTRACTION SITES AT WADI EL-GIMAL: One of the most important areas in the Red Sea, Wadi El Gemal national park, which is also considered as one of the naturally untouched touristic areas. The project has supported the restoration and tourism facilities of Hankorab, Qulaan tourism sites

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